gambling on good cake design


A special shout out to Samantha, pastry chef at the Goa Marriott Resort for her award winning cake design. When I went to discuss my ideas for Scott’s birthday cake with her last week I stressed how important it would be to get the details of a roulette wheel accurate because Scott loves roulette as you may recall from a previous post. I was stressing….that it wouldn’t come off right. I even brought his roulette game down to the kitchen to show her.

I needn’t have worried at all. Wouldn’t you know, in yet another stroke of synchronicity, Samantha said Oh! You mean something like this? and whipped out her iPhone to show me a roulette wheel cake she had made once before for a cake competition that she won! We tweaked her design to personalize it for Scott, including having the sugar roulette ball landing on number 12 , casino chips with his other lucky numbers, and playing cards made of spun sugar with a special message from his mother: 62 years his way! Love, Mom. I asked Samantha to make the playing cards in only the suit of hearts…..what I hadn’t anticipated was that she used the K for king and the A for ace……KA being my initials.

Oh, and that gold leaf spinner on the top really spins! Scott did spin his roulette game, just once. His lucky 0 came up.

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