he did it!

Just a quickie to let y’all know that Scott sat up and walked to his bedroom this evening with two strong Marriott musclemen to make sure he didn’t get in trouble. This was after he already had an outdoor jaunt today. Needless to say, he is pooped! So am I after packing up our camels for the great migration back o our comfy suite. It’s 7PM, we ‘ll be asleep soon as we have an early wakeup call to watch The Oscars at 6AM our time Monday.

4 thoughts on “he did it!

  1. Whoop! HOLLER!!! just finished reading the latest two posts and THIS one popped into my inbox!

    It sounds like “Uncle” and “Aunty“ have a marvelous helper in Afsal!

    Sleep well, my friends. I will be watching the Oscars with you … only I will be here in Deer Isle!

    I’ve seen eight of the nominated films, with the exception of Silver Linings Playbook – thanks to our Stonington Opera House. They couldn’t get that one until next weekend.


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