fishgirl birthday



Truly a spectacular day to cherish forever. Scott made a celebration for me that lasted all day long. Began my day with signs of love and tons of well wishes sent by email and facebook. Thank you all for your birthday wishes! Then I had a massage at the spa while Scott corralled the Marriott staff to surprise me when I returned to the room. Special thanks to Elizabeth Shackleton of Marriott Guest Relations for helping Scott organize Scott’s vision for my birthday.


Once again, Chef Samantha did an outstanding cake design. Like the roulette wheel cake she made for Scott’s birthday party last month, Samantha pulled out all the stops to make my fishgirl cake very personal ( note the mini Spanish treasure coins– or are they casino chips?– with 55 written on them that you-know-who helped Sam come up with). By the way, Sam is wearing the chef hat on the right of the photo.

I got my wish for lots of flowers. Scott gave me tiger lillies to remind me of Maine and a tower of roses ( that’s me taking time out to stop and smell them)…the spa team gave me a bouquet of red
and white carnations and our nurse Gang brought me a beautiful basket of orchids.



The pretty blue floral patterned kurta that Ritu, Indra, and Sanjiv sent me rivals the many flowers I received today. My sweetheart melted my already mushy heart to such a puddle today and put a real sparkle in my eyes (and ears)! I am the luckiest of all luck dogs today. Now we are watching our favorite romantic adventure classic on streaming video,Last of the Mohicans, even though we’ve seen it 37 times. We know every word by heart …I will find you…thank you Scott for finding me!

26 thoughts on “fishgirl birthday

  1. Katy,we have never met, but I want to wishyou the happiest birthday! You are an amazing woman. Your journey with my cousin is inspiring. Big hugs to you both. Andrea


  2. I think it’s still your birthday here, and really I think it should just continue all year long. You’re my forever dream sister and I am filled with admiration and gratitude that you got born. Love love love Jenny


  3. Happy Birthday Fishgirl!! Glad that you day was special, as all birthdays should be…you are one amazing lady and I do hope that our paths will cross one day…Blessings Katy, from Pat in HP~


  4. PS…your cake looks like a knock out! And the beauty of flowers in Asia, can easily put any gal over the moon…especially if it is her birthday…Blessings from Pat in HP~


  5. Happy, happy birthday my fellow Year-of-the-dog! The best
    year! You are a true teacher Katy. (sorry about the late good wishes it’s tomorrow I realize in India – but I do remember that you celebrate all month!)

    Big hug and much, much love,
    neesa & evan


    • Neesa & Evan,
      Thank you! I seem to recall your bd is in April ….am I correct after all these decades since college? Mazoltov n all that jazz.
      Wonderful to be connected again. I saw Carmie is High Point before we left.


      • Yes – a fellow Year-of-the-Dog – April 3rd. Wow! Great memory! Evan and I are headed up to Stonington ME to celebrate my double-nickels, and our 10th wedding anniversary.

        I am so happy to re-c0nnect with you as well Katy. Is Carm living in High Point? I remember her so well.
        Big hug and much love my friend,


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