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Click Scott's smile to jump to youtube to watch the interview.

Click Scott’s smile to jump to youtube to watch the interview.

Two local videographers, Dr. Salkar’s son Swapnil Salkar and his colleague Ashish Ajgaonkar, came to interview Scott prior to the press conference. This was to preserve Scott’s voice as it takes a LOT of energy these days to talk for any length of time. We wanted to make sure we had something on tape in case he wasn’t up to the challenge today. (He was!) You can see the interview footage here on youtube. There were several local TV stations present as well as print media reporters to hear Scott and his doctor talk about what he has gone through. Dr. Salkar said in his 25 years of cancer medical practice he has never seen a patient who had the ascites drainage procedure not have the fluid return. Scott had 22 lbs of ascites removed on January 11 and it has yet to return. It was pressing on his lungs and the procedure relieved that, probably giving him these additional months of strength and creativity.If you have been reading the blog you know that Scott climbed 6 flights of stairs a day later on his own steam for a very special reason. The media also asked questions about  my role as a caregiver and Scott’s upcoming art exhibition at Manipal Hospital as well as his newly conceived Smile 2 the End Foundation.

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  1. What a marvelous attitude! Whoever filmed and edited, did a great job. I was happy to see and hear you, Scott, as you talked about your cancer, and your reasons for going to Goa with Katy. Lots of love to you both.


  2. Scott: how come you’re so amazing? The video was awesome, and really love how you guys have displayed all the artwork above the bed…but the whole foundation project is perfect. And inspirational. Dad and Alicia come back here from Bali tomorrow night…my cousin sent one more set of photos this morn that I’ll forward. My mom also arrives tomorrow with Jasper’s class paly Friday, and graduation next week. We leave for Turkey mid June and will be back to LA July 4. I love you, Ali


  3. I just watched your interview Scott. It is a powerful piece of artistry with an incredible message. We all get a turn at the table and you are setting such a beautiful example for each of us to empower ourselves during the final moments we have to share. Cudos to Katy for being your rock thru these many days and weeks. Much love to you both.


  4. Scott and Katy – Amazing video. To hear Scott’s words and see that he has reached a stage of great inner beauty through this process in inspiring. When you can be totally 100% honest, transparent, and direct with your words and mission in life and love you have shown the attainment of a very high stage of being. The message is the choices we make and the dignity in which we carry on, even if all the evidence around us would make most people act differently, is what this is all about. Scott’s life has great meaning and Katy you have made it possible.


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