facing demons ©scott morgan 2013

Facing demons takes courage and stamina. Ask any dragon-slayer, vampire killer, or ghostbuster. Modern demons are not the stuff of gargoyles on the Notre Dame cathedral, as you see in this picture of Scott in Paris in his youth. Instead we create personal demons with our own fear, don’t we? When faced with our mortality we confront our biggest fears and hopefully vanquish them so that we can let go peacefully. Matters of the material world seem trivial as our emotional/spiritual interior realm becomes all that we really have.

How well we loved, how gently we lived, how gracefully we let go of the things not meant for us. That last sentence was attributed to Buddah recently on somebody’s facebook page but whether Buddah said it or not it seems to me it is a good way to live. Scott and I continue to be extremely grateful to family and our large network of friends who continue to support us as Scott hangs in there, letting go a little more each day. He is still very conscious but has traded in being alert for being painfree since dealing with new symptoms brought on by the spread of his disease and his remarkable endurance.

Please tell someone you love how you feel about them today. You have this day. You have each other.

13 thoughts on “gargoyles

  1. We are completely with you. Boo! to Scary life suckers. No, to vampires. No, to those who diminish us. The incredible life force that is Scotto. And you. And Your Love… Will guide you Laura Sent with love


  2. Loving thoughts to you both, Scott and his wonderful Katy.
    You have touched this caregiver and given me the strength needed to face a new day, with hope that I too can face my demons head on.


  3. Katy, Sending you and Scott big hugs. You are in my thoughts daily. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Lots of love, Carol

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  4. Beautiful indeed… are the two of you. Thank you for this and please kiss Scott for me and hugs and love to you Fishgirl. R I Z


    • Thank you Debra for your thoughtful comment. We are doing the best we can under an extreme situation. The blog was a way for us to help figure it all out and turn something positive out of it for all concerned. Namaste, katy


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