the last protégé

I have tears in my eyes today and they are tears of joy! To find out why, you must read Brian Foo’s remarkable tribute to Scott on his kickstarter project page. Brian writes of how he received his first email from Scott and thought that the cryptic writing was some kind of scam (who among Scott’s friends and family does not know how indecipherable Scott’s emails were to read sometimes due–he said–to his dyslexia?). Luckily for all concerned, Brian did open that first email from Scott and became the last designer/artist that Scott mentored. Scott’s mentorship of designers and design is legendary and that is the basis for the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship, the first of its kind in the furniture industry.Click here to read Brian’s thoughts on Scott Morgan.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 8.48.09 AM


9 thoughts on “the last protégé

  1. Katy, as always every blog continues to inspire me. I wait for your “blogs” and they inspire me to think about life in vivid color. Brian Foo’s quote, “And if relationships are canvases, we should always be present, moving the brushes with color ” is now written in my handwriting in color where I can see it everyday & aspire to live up to it. You and Scott represented that in so many ways and continue to do so.


  2. In Italy ! Was overjoyed to see my drawing Of my old buddy pop up on my intermittent Email! Will catch up after weekend when we Return…. xxoo RIZ

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