time travelin’

“Often as we are being transformed, we cannot tell what is happening. For while in the midst of staying afloat, it is next to impossible to see the ocean we are being carried into.”~ Mark Nepo 

I didn’t know if I would be able to drive the six hours to Boston to pick up my friend Ritu and her daughter Indra at Logan Airport. I have a car. I used to have fearless driving skills. The year in India eroded some of my confidence in those skills. I decided to go for it. After looking at a map (remember those?) I saw that it was a straight shot from my mother’s house in NH to Logan. I can do this. Yes!

Parking nearby to the International Arrivals at Terminal E was a snap. I waited for my VIP visitors to clear customs & immigration. My mind drifted…in a flash I was time traveling to that other time I was at Logan on June 24th, 2005. Same airport, domestic flight arriving from Los Angeles. Scott Morgan–whom I had yet to meet face to face–waiting for me in an orange linen shirt, brown tweed silk trousers, gift bag in hand and smile on his face. I’d taken the red-eye to Boston to meet Scott and from there he drove me to Stonington, Maine after first having lunch with his nephew and niece-in-law.

Nothing can prepare you for time traveling. Expect tears. Expect laughter. Expect nothing and everything and try to be open to all of it.

Whoooosh. Back at Logan this past Saturday…and now in the midst of staying afloat I am privileged to witness a child’s giggles and wonder at making red velvet cupcakes in our kitchen in Maine. A child from the other side of the world, a marvelous new friend who became a local lifeline for me during  that trip of a lifetime…joining together worlds within worlds. Surely Scott is here with us giggling, too.



10 thoughts on “time travelin’

    • Hi Dan,

      Read the post about our meeting here: https://goingtogoa.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/liaisons-impossible/

      Our mutual friends Joe & Corine Gantz (via Isabelle Bryer) got us together. You may know Joe’s documentary films (“American Winter”, “Taxicab Confessions” to name a few) and Corine’s books (“Hidden in France”) and you can see Isabelle’s art on that post. I am forever grateful to these gifted friends for having the foresight to recognize my kindred spirit soulmate and put him in touch with me…we were neither of us looking for love but just like this Bonnie Raitt song we found each other and realized what we’d both been missing:

      “Not The Only One”

      [Chorus:] I was in a daze, movin in the wrong direction Feelin that I’d always be the lonely one Then I saw your face, on the edge of my horizon Whisperin that I wasn’t the only one The lonely one.

      One change intervention, see what it can signify The slightest misapprehension, baby And we’d have passed each other by When I heard your sweet voice callin Saw your light come shinin throught I couldn’t stop my heart from turning Churnin out my love for you, my love to you.


      True love or perfection It seems like it’s overdue Then just when you least expect it It comes sneakin up on you When I thought that I was dreamin Felt your body close to mine Now love takes on a different meaning Together till the end of time.

      [Chorus] I was in a daze, movin in the wrong direction Feeling that I’d always be the lonely one When I saw your face through the web of my confusion Whisperin that I wasn’t the only one The lonely one


    • Glad that you pushed yourself just a little and created such a memorable visit for your friends, as well as fun happenings for you my dear friend! Keep pushing gently and know that you are missed from this other little place…p.


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