house of cards

photo 4

I bought this 5″ x 5″ piece of three dimensional art from my friend Maureen Farr recently at her Gallery Mozelle in Deer Isle, ME. It was one of a series she made and the only one painted black. The interior is gold leafed. There is a teeny tiny house that the artist handcrafted from a game card that has numbers on it. Scott’s lucky 36 and 25 from his roulette numbers make up one wall and the roof. Numbers 7 and 10 are also represented . This wisp of a house is tied together with red thread, painstakingly knotted by nimble fingers.

photo 3

I feel the fragility of this piece. I feel the black, the hole, the shiny gold lining. I know the artist and I understand the shared source of inspiration. I wish I didn’t feel so deeply sometimes. I wish…

6 thoughts on “house of cards

  1. Thank you for sharing this little house, Katy. I love when someone buys a piece of my art that speaks so deeply to them. I didn’t know the red string was a symbol of luck – I just felt I needed to use it on these tiny houses. xoxo


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