roulette pressure

How does blood pressure relate to roulette? As many of you know, I had a pretty large collection of casino chips from casinos around the world. When we left High Point I gave away 75% of those along with parts of my tie collection to all who attended the going away party (including one big chip to pal Raymond Waites). When you google ” blood pressure” and “heart rate” it gives you indications…


synchro-mystic moments continue

…I’m in my car driving my two pupkies home from the vet’s this morning with Depeche Mode on the car stereo blaring out “Try Walking in My Shoes” and I feel the tears welling up. As I pull to a stoplight I wipe my eyes and see the truck in front of me. REALLY see it….

dream connections

Yesterday a body of a drowned young 20 year old man washed up on shore right at the beach in front of our hotel. Apparently two brothers from Hyderabad were going to goa and were on the Casino Royale (maybe even playing roulette) and after awhile went out on deck to a restricted area. A slip into the river with the strong current…

fishgirl birthday

Truly a spectacular day to cherish forever. Scott made a celebration for me that lasted all day long. Began my day with signs of love and tons of well wishes sent by email and facebook. Thank you all for your birthday wishes! Then I had a massage at the spa while Scott corralled the Marriott […]

play it again, sam

There are very few female chefs in India. The Goa Marriott has two. Chef Samantha is one of them. Sam’s award winning cake design captured a roulette wheel perfectly for Scott’s birthday party. Most mornings Sam and colleague Chef Pradeep come over to my breakfast table to say hello. Makes all the difference in the […]

v.i.p. treatment @ casino royale

We’d been talking about doing it since we arrived in Goa mid November. Last night we finally did it! Though neither of us were expecting to do it like this…Just before sunset a complimentary car arrived to whisk us off to the pier where we were escorted as VIPs to the tender boat that brought […]

date night / pope’s last day

new. from. the. zoo. somewhere. in. my. mind. hope. all are. well. n. happy katy. n. scott. went. out. by. taxi. with wheelchair. as. escort. had. date….. wa s. gre at. now. in. cafe. sitting. up….painting. just. finished…. katy. just. arrvd……watching. sunset…..over. water n. mtns. fantastic. time. day hugs. to. all love. from. goa New […]

gambling on good cake design

A special shout out to Samantha, pastry chef at the Goa Marriott Resort for her award winning cake design. When I went to discuss my ideas for Scott’s birthday cake with her last week I stressed how important it would be to get the details of a roulette wheel accurate because Scott loves roulette as […]