stairway to heaven

Watercolor Painting (c)Scott Morgan 2013 See the little man crawling up the side of the box in this recent painting Scott did? This art completed on January 10th foreshadowed Scott’s own epic journey on January 12th. He insisted we have our special love-in within the loveliest room of the hotel– the penthouse suite on the […]

movin’ on

Happy New Year! I’m only a little late in wishing all of you my best wishes. I’m a bit preoccupied lately. With what, you ask? With ghosts of past, present, and future me.   The Ghost of Katy Past is reminiscing about a day five years ago in Goa that Scott and I shared our […]

a remembrance

…My divorced parents were each the first calls for his divorced parents, when Scottie finally passed.
We all knew it was coming…well, if Western doctors know anything. He was told 3 months…tops. It was 11. But it still took his aged, and somewhat remote parents by shock. Daddy told me that Jerry…


Facing demons takes courage and stamina. Ask any dragon-slayer, vampire killer, or ghostbuster. Modern demons are not the stuff of gargoyles on the Notre Dame cathedral, as you see in this picture of Scott in Paris in his youth. Instead we create personal demons with our own fear….

watch the interview

Two local videographers, Dr. Salkar’s son Swapnil Salkar and his colleague Ashish Ajgaonkar, came to interview Scott prior to the press conference. This was to preserve Scott’s voice as it takes a LOT of energy these days to talk for any length of time. We wanted to make sure we had something on tape in case he wasn’t up to the challenge today. (He was!) You ….

the bed-in

This is the penthouse at Sur La Mer with the magnificent bed where Scott and Katy held their bed-in ceremony on January 12th. That’s me in something blue ( a tuquoise n silver kirta tunic), something new ( flower hair clip from friend Ritu shown here with herpartner Sanjiv), and something borrowed ( the white […]