chakras wide open

In the deep darkness of night, last night, a hand reached over for mine. Yes, Lovey, i am awake, too. Keeping vigil by your side dozing in and out of twilight dreaming. You spoke to me in hushed tones of all the pleasure we have shared just the two of us, and the fun filled […]

independence daze

Hey! Where’s the red, white, ‘n’ blue? The buildings draped in patriotic stars ‘n’ stripe bunting? The smell of apple pie and taste of lemonade sold at roadside stands by kids capturing foot traffic from the parade route? Where are all the folks we meet n greet n wish a happy summer n catch up with on their winters and it’s always the same, reassuring, comforting scene? The Fourth of July memories are there…in my heart, chakras wide open…with my other treasures.

everything is everywhere

One of this blog’s readers sent me the link to “Everything is Everywhere” by Carrie Newcomer and told me this song reminded her of me and Scott. Was it the intro video with everyday scenes of India and her lyrical description of what she saw there? Was it the sitar player much like the wonderful […]

when you’re strange

Self Portrait by Scott Morgan This morning we gathered the troops–JB and two new friends–and headed to Arambol village via a large taxi. Conditions were perfect for an early AM jaunt….cool chill in the air so Scott would have the wherewithal to walk on the beach. He was going commando wearing his blue and white […]