Scott Morgan and his girlfriend Katy Allgeyer are making their way from High Point, North Carolina to Goa, India. Why Goa? Click here… This is no ordinary trip. On October 13, 2012 they learned Scott’s cancer had returned but this time it is inoperable. Within two weeks of finding out he has only a few months to live, Scott wrapped up all his affairs and began traveling towards his goal of dying with dignity his way: surrounded by peace,beauty, and comfort at a luxury resort in India with Katy by his side. This blog will chronicle that trip of a lifetime but like Scott himself not always in a conventional or linear fashion. Some of the posts will be Katy’s viewpoint and others will be Scott’s whether posted by him or dictated to Katy and posted by her. A book of Scott’s watercolor paintings and a book expanding this journey are planned.

All written and visual content of this blog copyright Katy Allgeyer and Scott Morgan except where photographs and letters have been used with permission of other artists and friends.

UPDATE: Scott left Goa on September 11, 2013. His death was peaceful and he died with dignity and beauty as he had planned all along. Katy returned from Goa on September 20, 2013. The journey of her return and coping with loss continues on this blog.

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  2. Oh my – I have just found your blog through your comment on Debbie’s post (Where we go now) and just wanted to connect as another person who has been dealing with cancer in this part of the world (I’m a Scottish woman now based in Myanmar, and hubby is from North India). I have a lot to catch up on with your blog, and in the meantime send warm wishes and a massively respectful “Namaste”. Philippa (aka Feisty Blue Gecko)


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  4. Hi Scott, Spoke with Mom yesterday and she told me of your journey..Some trip!! Les (my husband after Howard) and I were in India (Goa in particular) where I photographed the outdoor laundry being hung on lines..I was doing a series of “laundry” paintings and loved the action and colors..I can see why you were charmed with Goa, but it’s a long distance away from your former life and family..Your art is fabulous..It must be so comforting for you to have a way to vent your emotions..and so beautiful to be able to share it with your loved ones..I’ll close with love and prayers for you..Barbara Speyer ( Formerly Berman)


  5. Hi Scott, there was such a wonderful article about you in the Greensboro News and Record today. I would love to know how to send you a hard copy of it. Thinking of you and how brave you and Katy are right now. Sending prayers. Peggy Hamilton


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