going to goa book of paintings

UPDATE: Please contact for information on how to purchase the book. We are relaunching the website in 2015. Stay tuned!


Scott Morgan and Katy Allgeyer are super excited to announce that the first edition of GOING TO GOA the paintings of scott morgan is now available to fans and collectors.

This book is dedicated to everyone who ever stopped to smell the roses, follow their hearts, live their dreams, and do it their way. Namaste,

With well over 100 original Scott Morgan works of art plus philosophical musings in Scott’s own words from his popular going to goa blog, this hefty Collector’s Edition is a fabulous addition to your library, an heirloom quality book that you will treasure forever. GOING TO GOA is a stunning 13″ x 10″ large hard-cover book with 96 full color pages printed on heavy paper stock. All of the paintings presented in this book have been created on the journey of a lifetime while Scott has been traveling and living in India since November 2012. Imagine owning over 100 pieces of Scott Morgan Fine Art in a portable gallery. The GOING TO GOA art book is just that!

Additionally, a significant portion of profit from book sales will benefit the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship fund.


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