Shop Scott Morgan Arts

Be sure to visit the newly launched legacy website dedicated to Scott Morgan’s art.
You can click here or find us at * At the site, you will find a selection of Scott’s work for sale in limited release on an ongoing basis. We are beginning with giclee reproduction prints of the Smile2TheEnd Collection that was personally selected by Scott for his traveling exhibition at hospitals in Goa in 2013. Scott’s original paintings are being reserved for future planned exhibitions to be announced at a later date.sdmPortraitPostCardpromo

Eventually, a full archive of Scott’s work will be on the site and other offerings will be for sale, too: selected original paintings from all time periods including his last works in Goa, a rereleased special edition of “Going to Goa: The Paintings of Scott Morgan”, digital downloads of this and other art books, and more .  There is a scholarship portal page where you can easily contribute to the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship fund. In addition you will find all of our Official Social Media accounts for Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. We hope you will sign up for our mailing list on the Contact page as well. Meanwhile, there are currently 120 images of the 200 watercolors that Scott painted while in Goa.

The new Scott Morgan Arts website is up and running now! It was designed by Scott & Katy’s friend Maureen Farr of Mozelle Studio.  You may recall that Maureen took in our dogs Loolie & Hershey for the first 5 months of our going to Goa. By the way, there are numerous artists online with the name Scott Morgan, so make sure you find our site by using the links shown here with an “s” on arts after Scott’s name.

Thank you for your support as always,

Katy Allgeyer




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