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14 thoughts on “Your Scott Stories

  1. Hi Scott!

    I have been meaning to write you an email for the past couple of weeks.  I apologize for the delay, between work and the recent Hurricane the past two weeks have been a complete blur.  I was truly saddened to hear your most recent health news from my father.  My thoughts and well wishes are with you during this rough time.  I believe part of my delay in writing came from making sure I got it “right.”  I poured over memories in my mind of you which are quite a lot since you have been a part of my life since before I was even alive.  

    The first thing to come to my mind and kept popping up as I thought of you was humor.  There is an obvious reason you and my father became such close friends, you both love to laugh and more importantly make others laugh too.  The memories of my mother and father wiping tears from their eyes from the hilarity of a joke or story you just told are vivid in my mind.  I have so many “smiley” moments when I think back on the times I was with you over the course of my life.  Staying with my family at our Palos Park home, famously coming into my father’s 50th birthday on your knees with a mask and chopsticks, visiting your lovely home in Los Angeles where you made us change our clothes before we could enter another room and the last time I saw you was in Michigan a few years ago for your dad’s birthday(where I secretly coveted your stunning Missoni blanket you wrapped yourself in as we all watched the sunset).  These are all memories I can take with me and smile but, there is one memory that means more than any other and it recently came back to me.

    When you came to stay with us in Palos many years ago I must have been no more than 7…so as of my last birthday that would be 20 years ago.  My lovely mother had prepared a delicious meal for us all to eat and we were instructed to go wash our hands.  You and I went into the bathroom Natasha and I shared to get the task done.  Now, the special part about this bathroom is the sink, specifically the drain.  When all of the water empties itself out a tiny beating sound always takes place, old pipes I assume.  I must have said something to you about how I always wondered why the sink made that sound and you simply looked at me and said, “Well, there is a little Indian that plays his drum every time the sink empties.”  You walked right out of the bathroom and I stared into the drain for a solid 5 minutes thinking at any moment this Indian was going to appear to me and introduce himself.  I have to say I believed that story for at least another year! (When I turned 8 I found out the truth about Santa so no Indian in a drain stood a chance!)  When I was last home over the summer I was in the bathroom with my niece and nephew washing up for dinner, the water drained and the little beating sound chimed in….I looked at my niece and nephew and told them about the little Indian in the drain.  They both believe it!!!!!!!

    My point in telling you this story is so you know that your impact has reached beyond what you may have thought and your stories will live on.  

    Thank you for all the love and fond memories you have given me in my life.  I wish you nothing but ease and peace in your life.  Stay safe and remember that you will always remain in so many hearts.

    WIth love,


  2. Scott and Katy,

    Thank you for letting us join you on your journey. One of mine and Lisa’s fondest memories was when we were visiting your home in High Point ,N.C. Scott and you took us to your favorite Asian Restaurant for dinner. We ordered our appetizers and food and were waiting for dinner and Scott disappears. Lo and behold next thing I knew Scott was up on stage seranading and entertaining us with song. What a delight that was. Needless to say we were glad to see your post of Scott singing on your blog…..and we were able to relive that special moment once again…
    xo, Roy and Lisa


  3. Charles Simmons, aka Seemore, had befriended me and my Aussie friend Liz Jamison through his meanderings at the High Point Furniture Market,what must be now 5-6 years ago. He would visit my showroom (which at that time was in Suites @ Market Square) and we’d bump into each other at assorted Market events.
    On one of his showroom visits he casually mentioned that there was a private (note the word private) party happening that night and that we should go, as there would be people there that would be good for us to meet. In fact he would suggest that we follow him so we wouldn’t have any problem finding the place….and so that is just what we did.

    Seemore, with the Aussie and the girl from Maine in tow to what was the home of Scott Morgan and Katy Allgeyer. Yup, I met Scott and Katy as a party crasher. Go figure. (The story has yet another level to it as another friend of mine, Michael Uvanni, crashed that same party…because of me actually…and as a result of his crashing Michael and Scott have also become hard and fast friends, exchanging specialty ties as gifts and the such)

    That was the beginning of my relationship with Scott and Katy, who I now count as friends. Charles, you were right. There were people there that were good to meet…understatement. Thank you for taking us with you. Scott and Katy, thanks for not booting us out the door, but rather opening yourselves to a new friendship. You are the personification of the adage that a stranger is just a friend you have yet to meet.


  4. A new “friend” from High Point~
    I am a friend of Charles Simmons…and a friend of furniture!
    Hopefully you will allow me to be a small part of your journey~
    I traveled to Goa in the late 90’s to attend a program there and fell in love with the people, the food and everything that is Holy in Goa.
    I am facinated to read of your sights and sounds…I thought, everyone needs one more friend! So here I am 🙂 I also traveled to Asia at a very young age and called it home for 6 years…I ask myself often, why I left? Not terribly important now, but it did add to the development of who I am today, sound familiar Scott?


  5. So….people asked me whether my trip to Botswana, Africa was the most amazing
    trip of my life. The big Transformation trip. I had to say, No, my most mind changer
    was my first trip to Italy with Scott. We sat in olive groves with families. Had dinners
    on vine covered patios. Met Lucca’s family at their beautiful home. Had steak-sized mushrooms
    at Patrizia’s. Watched old, red-faced men drink Grappa in Asolo. I could never understand
    why people here would pay so much for such a gut stripping alcohol. I thought it was a joke.
    The tile at ancient bath sites in Rome, the mystic hole to the universe in the Pantheon.
    When I was oohing and aahing at the doors in Florence and the birds shat on my head.
    All those golden moments…that trip changed my life forever.
    Thank you Scott for so many inspiring travels,
    with love,


  6. I met Scott over 30 years ago when I worked for a lamp manufacturer. Scott was our sales rep for Northern California all the way up to Canada. We became friends immediately and would see each other at furniture markets, and get together when he came to the New York-New Jersey area. As all his friends know, whenever Scott was around, something unusual or interesting would happen. It almost never failed – like the time he, his brother and I ended up in the bottom of the post-9/11 World Trade Center pit.

    Back in February 2005, Scott invited me and my wife, Vicki, to his birthday luncheon at the Boathouse in New York’s Central Park. At the same time, the art installation called “The Gates” by the artist Christo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude, was set up in the park. There was snow on the ground, and the orange fabrics, hung throughout the park’s pathways, made quite a striking vista. After walking through the Gates in the park, we went to the party at the Boathouse.

    Scott had invited his typical interesting mix of friends – artists, architects, furniture designers, writers, etc. While we were enjoying a lively lunch, suddenly people started applauding and cheering. Christo and Jeanne-Claude had come in and were being given an ovation. As they walked through our dining room to the next room, where they were being feted, they stopped, said hello to Scott, shook his hand, and continued on. Scott was the only one in the entire restaurant with whom they spoke and shook hands.

    Why? Who knows? Just another typical Scott Morgan happening. Scott, you are truly one of a kind.


  7. Oh boy I met Scotto 17 years ago when I walked into his High Point showroom sweating bullets from having carried a one-of-a-kind folding lounge prototype that I hand made from CNC’ed aluminum and hand stitched leather. My father was with me to help navigate this new world as I had just graduated from Art Center in Pasadena. Scotto saw the piece and I assumed he loved it because from that day on he really nurtured my career and took me under his wing opening doors for me again and again. We’d connect at future high-points and back in Santa Monica enjoying the view from his ocean view home. We’d sit and talk and talk.

    The boundless energy and enthusiasm is what always stood out to me. Scott has both in endless supply. You are forever in our hearts and minds Scotto for you have touched us and helped us in many ways.


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