sue niell & the highway to hell

I wish this was captured on video but it wasn’t…

Our drver’s name is Sunil. Last night in front of our hotel in Jaipur We were waiting for Sunil to pull up. The doorman had already paged him twice and we had called him by phone. When Scott saw that there was a mike and loudspeaker paging system he made up a song on the spot. Everyone outside heard Scott’s serenade to Sunil. What was hilarious was a blonde woman standing outside with her husband was incredulous–how did Scott know her name was Sue Niell? You can’t make this stuff up! We met her again at breakfast –she is Scottish living in Delhi– and Scott reprised the ode to Sue Niell to a round of applause from the breakfast diners.


In another spontaneous moment we were shopping in Delhi and decided to go into a Bose shop. The store had ten salespeople and no customers so the saleswoman working with us was doing her best to entice us (unsuccessfully, I might add) to buy something. Scott tried on noise cancelling headphones and they worked because he broke into a VERY LOUD rendition of the song he was listening to on their system. Imagine Scott singing “highway to hellHighway to Hell” at full volume, off key, and all the young shopkeepers coming out from the back room to watch him and listen! We all had a good laugh and I told them he sings better to Jimi Hendrix. 😉

5 thoughts on “sue niell & the highway to hell

  1. Hahahahahaha. Sunil = Sue Niell. Amazing! Scott, I can’t remember hearing you sing when we were kids in Delhi but when you broke out in song in Maine I thought “the guy should have been a professional singer”. No kidding.

    Love you two. Jenny


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    • Yes, Iana sing out! My dad has been publically spontaniously
      breaking out into song (and dance!) for the better part of 89 years –
      and still singing/dancing strong! Makes people happy!


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