rainbows & sunflowers

Last week Queen Elizabeth II died. A rainbow appeared at the exact moment that the British flag was lowered to half mast at Windsor Castle. Then, in London, a double rainbow appeared over Buckingham Palace when they officially put out a notice of HM’s death. This has been an excellent reminder of all the mystical moments that I have witnessed with loved ones’ death transitions. Magic is everywhere if you know how to look for it.

Today is the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It is also the 9th anniversary of Scott’s death in 2013. The NYC skyline seemed to appear with the Twin Towers prominently within the WordPress Analytics for traffic to our blog on September 11 and 12th as news of Scott’s death ricocheted to friends and family around the world. And of course, there are magical butterfly stories. Lots and lots of them. You will find these stories within the Going to Goa blog if you care to search for them under “butterflies”.

Today is the 9th month and the 9th anniversary. According to numerologists:
The number 9 is powerful. It represents completion, although not a final ending—more like the fulfillment of one cycle so that you can prepare to initiate the next one. It’s a recognition of life’s ongoing ebb and flow.

I can’t know if this anniversary represents a completion cycle for Scott on his spiritual journey. I can and I do know that I feel that my own initiation into a new cycle began for me this Tiger Year. I’ve survived my own cancer journey. I’ve buried my mother after waiting two years because of the pandemic. I’ve begun to genuinely feel the stirrings of my creative impulses long dormant in these past 9 years–I’m back in my studio playing after far too long. I’m feeling optimistic, adventurous, and alive again. I promise to continue to witness everyday miracles and to keep my heart and mind open, Scott.

I turn my head towards the sun.

4 thoughts on “rainbows & sunflowers

  1. Katy, Thank you for sharing. Will keep Scott & Lindy in my heart forever. You are incredible for keeping the memory alive, Suzie Anton

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  2. Dear One, Magic. This post was so enlightened and filled with the energy of a new monarch setting forth on its southward journey. You’re back, baby! xxxooo >


    • Guess what I spied from my deck this morning? A monarch caterpillar clinging to a leaf ready to form its chrysalis.The wasps are gone so I expect this monarch to successfully emerge from my garden. xoxoxo


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