date night / pope’s last day

new. from. the. zoo. somewhere. in. my. mind. hope. all are. well. n. happy katy. n. scott. went. out. by. taxi. with wheelchair. as. escort. had. date….. wa s. gre at. now. in. cafe. sitting. up….painting. just. finished…. katy. just. arrvd……watching. sunset…..over. water n. mtns. fantastic. time. day hugs. to. all love. from. goa New […]

i can hear you paint

We are humbled by the way this blog has been inspiring artists everywhere . Tonight I received a facebook message from a boy I knew 5th grade to high school graduation. We grew up in NH and got back in touch via facebook when I moved to Maine. Byon Yeatts now lives in Kennebunk, Maine […]

goatee, up!

Hey everybody– a very deserves a good haircut, n’est-ce pas? Yesterday the Snip Salon at the Marriott sent Ari up to see Scott. Now that’s service! Scott was practicing sitting up yesterday in order to tolerate the wheelchair longer. Today’s 3 jaunts were a success…..stay tuned for a visit to the hotel’s in- house […]

very very

Watercolor Taj Mahal (c) Scott Morgan 2013 got. out. bed. pushed. myself. to. sit. up. alone…walked. alone. ten. ft. into. wheel chair. and off we. went………… huge. day. 2. x. out. by. wheelchr. in am. did. whole. property. every inch. accessble. by. wheel spent. little time in. sun. diferent floors. all places. could. get to. […]

fresh air kid

Woohooo! A whoop ‘n’ a holler when I arrived back in our room after my breakfast post about our upcoming migration. . At first glance, the bed empty, my heart skipped a beat. Then I saw Scott reclining Cleopatra-style on a chaise outside on our deck for the very first time dressed in a favorite […]