angry birds easter

A little birdie must have whispered in Chef Samantha’s ear today that Scott was not feeling up to leaving the room to check out the Marriott easter brunch. She made this fabulous Angry Birds chocolate treat especially for us and had it delivered to our room by the easter bunny. She must have also heard […]

easter art egg

egg (c)scott morgan 2013 This ostrich egg was painted by Scott with watercolor paint in Maine one summer. It ‘s still adorning our fireplace mantle there. Wishing all of our friends n family n readers happy holidays this week…passover, holi, easter, spring break…

24 hourz in life of scott

one. day 24 hourz what do. i. do this. is. to. put. down a. day in my. life in goa. from waking up. to. next. morning when. the. birds. outside. my door near. the. bay, sing. me. a sweet song. around. five am ,they. dont. know. if. up or asleep. when. i. get. up. ,rarely. […]

san francisco treat

Super Synchronicity was recently at play in the magical city of San Francisco. Scott’s buddy Craig in a rental car with his wife Laada (happy 31st anniversary!) straight off the plane from snowy Chi-town pull in to a gas station to ask directions. Standing at the next pump? Scott’s other buddy Bill, who doesn’t live […]

spring break

Our blog followers know why Monday was a good- no, great!- day for us. Here’s the proof. Roberto’s son Alan with Scott and Katy. Later Scott and I marveled that such a visit was possible and that these two young people ( Alan and his friend Eeshan) had their entire lives ahead of them…adventure, travel, […]


Treasure Chest (c) Scott Morgan 2013 Woohoo! Was a movie day…got the taxi to take us to the Inox theatre to see Django at 9:45AM after a quick breakfast. A masterpiece of filmmaking, Quentin Tarrentino’s latest flick left us breathless. Of course getting up to the 9th row without the wheelchair may also have contributed. […]

designer logo

We thought we’d give you a sneak peek at the Scott Morgan Design Scholarhip logo. It was designed by Scott’s friend, the talented furniture and industrial designer Louis A. Lara utilizing one of Scott’s watercolor paintings from going to Goa.. Orange is a favorite color of ours and we love what Louis has done. Stay […]

human casino chips

Scotto, You are here w/ us, every day. Thank you for the amazing artifacts. They are in good company. Love’n hugs. D&N Scott had an impressive collection of both designer neckties and globally acquired casino chips that he decided to disperse during the farewell party in High Point,in Los Angeles at the send off we […]