getting a complete physical exam in india

Medical tourism (google it for a list of sites) is a huge trend worldwide now as rising costs of health insurance coincides with baby boomers needing more healthcare. The concept is that you can get top medical and dental attention, even plastic surgery, at bargain prices and despite additional hotel and airfare you will come […]

rock steady

You’re no different than me and Scott. Every week–every day–poses its new challenges for you. We are all in this together, this thing called life. Wasn’t there a Dire Straits song about sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug


waterdance (c)scott morgan 2013 Living on the confluence of river and ocean at Miramar Beach has had a subliminal influence on Scott’s work. Waterdance began as a watercolor painting that Scott further manipulated digitally to create this exciting new piece shown here. The work was completed this week during his painting the night away session. […]

furniture today feature

Today is the official start of the High Point international furniture market. Scott has been attending this show as an industry professional for more than 40 years. Furniture Today is the daily news magazine to the trade. Guess who is on the cover of Furniture Today in his Japanese yukata robe and Tibetan shaman’s beads? […]