pain management

Scott is taking a 50mg fentynol patch with permission to go up to 75 mg when the pain begins to break through. Fentynol is 100 x stronger than morphine which he is also on….30 mg 3 x per 24 hour cycle. In addition, he had dilaudid tabs for sharp pain as a booster to his […]

gettin’ off your high hat

Here we are, the Day after Christmas, messing around with Aneel’s signature hat. Aneel and his wife Nayan and daughter Ayesha and son Arjun and nephew Karran and niece Cookie have individually and collectively as a family embraced us as friends. Ayesha has been calling Scott from Kuala Lumpur since she left Goa after a […]

beet soup recipe

For those readers avidly following our Hero’s ribbiting tale, you will be pleased to know the beet soup worked! Aneel won the bet but refused to take Scott’s $10 wager. Recipe For The Loon’s Beet Root Soup Boil your cut up beets. Reserve the water you boiled them in ( yes, it’s supposed to be […]

more pics from dinner in DC

Grant Fox, Scott’s friend from the rock n roll high school in Delhi, India sent us these additional photographs from our dinner with friends in Washington, DC : Janice Kanter and her dad Teddy, Abu Khan who drove up with us in a stretch limo he provided for us, Jenny Ely ( also from Scott’s […]

space traveling

Here we are waiting for the froggie to poop. It’s been waaaay too long. Prescribed laxatives have not done the their job. This is how morphine and fentynol and dilaudid can complicate gastrointestinal problems. Our friend and host Aneel Verman at Sur La Mer insists he has the cure: beet root soup. Aneel finally got […]