puppy love

Meet Bandit. He’s an Indian mongrel dog rescued by our friends Cory & Sarah shown here with their puppy and Scott. This was the best therapy for Scott today and it was puppy love from the minute we both laid eyes on this charmer. We miss our own two kidz but we know they are being well taken care of ..

yippee sippy

We’ve been searching all over Goa for a simple “sippy cup” at baby stores and sports stores and could not find what we needed. Luckily Scott’s sister Lindy was coming from America to visit us and asked if we had any requests. Mine was unscented deodorant as I was tired of smelling like a rose…

road to goa

We are very proud to announce this new article about Scott and his art that appears online at Art to Art Palette Journal. Scott’s great friend Jac Stulberg in Los Angeles (who was part of the LA Luncheon on January 27th) introduced his friend gallerist Tony Clark …

ping pong pass-along

Scott and I made a decision to donate our ping pong table to the Goa Marriot Resort & Spa staff recreation room because we have been here over 4 months and have been receiving service and personal attention beyond the call of duty. The hotel is staffed with talented young people, many of whom have been promoted and moved away during our residency here. They are young go-getters and eager t