caregivers holiday

With every email from friends and family that urges me to take care of myself as well as Scott, I find myself feeling less and less able to do so. I realize it is mandatory. If I don’t pull myself together I will have nothing left to give Scott when he needs it most. So…..Yesterday […]

king pandukabhaya & the prince of goa

New watercolor painting by (c)Scott Morgan 2013 This fantastical painting of a king–according to Scott–just came to him out of thin air. But when I googled ‘kings and kingdoms” a wiki link about King Pandukabhaya and nearby Sri Lanka came up immediately, leaving my mind to wander and wonder….could my Prince of Goa be channeling […]

let’s do lunch!

Have you ever been to one of Scott’s famous impromptu lunch or dinners? He likes nothing better than to gather up the troops and have a meal together at some interesting restaurant or at home. Often the people at those intimate parties do not know each other but walk away with new friends. Back in […]

kingfisher girl

Waiting for my breakfast porridge, I was deep in heavy hearted conversation with a friend back home this morning. When suddenly a flash of irridescent teal swooped into the pool, dipped its long beak and without stopping flew up to the balcony across from me. I was so thrilled! It was the elusive kingfisher, a […]

it’s in the details

Whoever said life’s in the details might have been describing artist Scott Morgan’s watercolors. The crystalline color palette he uses combined with intricate ink drawings pull the viewer in to a world within a world….Scott’s mind, heart, n soul. Shown here are details from a new painting he completed today from his ‘bed studio’. Watercolor […]

our ceremony on youtube!

We are so happy to share the video –click here— of our magnificent commitment ceremony with you. Please join us in thanking Joel Morgenstern in Israel for working with Jerry Mickelson in Chicago who asked his friend Andrew Kaplan ( in Cali?) to help us get the dvd translated to an uploadable file so it […]