sunshine returns to goa

This is the view from the AZur Cafe, aka Scott’s favorite painting studio when he was able to sit in a wheelchair a few months ago. As you can see, today there is bright sunshine. The monsoon season is not completely behind us yet but we are only experiencing occasional showers now until the end […]

snakes among us

And now for something completely different…..Monty Python fans will no doubt remember that famous phrase. Would you believe this six foot wild python was captured right out front of our hotel a few nights ago?! I wish I had seen it in person. Thanks to Chef Samantha ( who snapped this pic) that I heard […]

thoughts on the ‘D’ word

Am I just overly sensitive or is it true we can’t escape reminders of death no matter how hard we try? Scott needs distraction therapy since he can no longer paint so we are often watching TV. Last night, thinking to avoid the horrors of nerve gas victims in Syria we turned to HBO…wrong move […]


full circle (c) katy allgeyer 2013 Summers in Maine mean setting up my tent at the Stonington Farmers Market every Friday morning to showcase my paintings and send people back to my gallery. Scott usually joins me at the market to do our food shopping, hobnob with the regulars, and offer marketing tips to help […]

to the last breath

A couple of months ago, I reached out with Scott’s story to an author who wrote a book I am reading called To The Last Breath. He wrote about us on Huffington Post. Our blog surpassed 1550 readers today, too. The ever widening circles on this wheel of life continue to amaze and inspire us.

carpe diem

What strikes me as we continue this trip of a lifetime! is how many others we know –or are tied to by friends once removed –have just learned within these ten months we’ve been engrossed with Scott’s plight, that they, too, have cancer or some other life threatening disease. Or their loved one has passed. […]

persistance of time

persistence of time (c) salvador dali Today marks the 66th anniversary of India’s Independence Day. Yesterday we brought Scott back from hospital where he was greeted with yet another beautiful cake made by Chef Samantha. It was presented to him by a boy with a nametag that said Dali. I pointed this out to Scott […]