the bridge between

Sometimes I feel that ‘getting over it’ and moving on is moving away from Scott and my life with him. This feeling brings up more grief because if I am completely honest with myself I realize that I don’t want to let him go. I think maybe he is watching me from The Other Side […]

why don’t you paint?

Our psych counselor in India told me recently that Scott had struggled with feelings of guilt because he thought he and his terminal disease and his decision to go to Goa for his end days was keeping me from making art. I’m not surprised by that. The guilt had to be released somehow and so […]

what’s in a name

Synchronicity is something I pay attention to. It is the pulse and rhythm behind every breath I breathe and every step I take. It’s how I know I am in the flow and doing what’s right for me. Lately I am noticing that every show I watch on my Amazon Fire TV has the word “Morgan” in […]