i lov u n u love me: 2 songs for katy

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest woman on earth. I know that may be hard to understand since Scott has terminal cancer. But here is the secret to his heart and our relationship: my man is such a romantic….

watch the interview

Two local videographers, Dr. Salkar’s son Swapnil Salkar and his colleague Ashish Ajgaonkar, came to interview Scott prior to the press conference. This was to preserve Scott’s voice as it takes a LOT of energy these days to talk for any length of time. We wanted to make sure we had something on tape in case he wasn’t up to the challenge today. (He was!) You ….

smile 2 the end foundation

Dr. Ravi and Dr. Salkar at the press conference  for the foundation they are starting with Scott that will benefit a program to bring art to hospitals in Goa and encourage other patients to stay positive even though they may be experiencing cancer. When Scott learned he was terminally ill he focused his attention on […]

art from the heart

These 3 paintings were done this week from the bed studio. Scott grabs his brush and paints any time he has a smidgeon of energy. The stone or rock wall theme has emerged as a new direction in Scott’s work. Here we have a pathway to infinity surrounded by what Scott says is “lots and lots of flowers”. Another….