the space between universes

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The embarkation of my 1,027.2 mile journey from Stonington to High Point now always includes asking Scott for a blessing from beyond for safe travels.

At my first rest stop I went into a Starbuck’s and the vivacious young barrista asked me my name. I told her and she said “With a ‘y’ or with an ‘ie’? I said with a ‘y’. She very enthusiastically went on to tell me that there were two Katy’s with a ‘y’ in her family. What floored me was she then looked me straight in the eye and said, “They are both with guys named Scott. Scott & Katy.”

Just like that. A synchromystic confirmation that Scott was indeed on the job looking over us as we made our way from Maine to Connecticut today. I’m convinced he gave me this sign.I can’t make this stuff up. I did not tell her that I used to be a Scott & Katy, too. In a parallel universe maybe, just maybe, I still am. 

7 thoughts on “the space between universes

  1. Its amazing how often you find connections. I was in Italy fpr the last couple weeks and thought of Scott while there. Every once and I while I think I see him in a crowd……. >


    • Dan, Scott and Italy are so connected. I’ve had that feeling of seeing him in a crowd also. The cut of his jib so distinctive… I want to thank you for always commenting and continuing to support the blog. Though we haven’t met yet I feel like I have known you as long as Scott did. Namaste, Katy >


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