it’s a small small world

More proof:

A friend Katy hasn’t seen in awhile in Cali facebook messages ‘hey were you getting a massage at the Fairmont ( in Santa Monica) recently? A friend works there and described someone that sounded a lot like you but i hope not…’ ( because of the circumstances)…

Yes, I was. I had a fantastic, warm, compassionate masseuse named Cooper. She removed a tremendous amount of sorrow and grief with her healing hands during the 90 minutes I was on the table. I shared part of our story with her and she was moved. Turns out my friend Robin shares a mutual friend with Cooper and when she heard a story about a woman going through an incredible journey with her boyfriend in NC and Maine, even though we’ve been out of touch Robin intuitively knew it had to be me.

Speaking of Maine….Scott took the art tour in house with the director of cultural affairs at the Taj yesterday. Turns out this young Mumbai go getter speaks 8 languages and recently was hanging out in Rockland, Maine. His family lives in Vermont. Rockland is a place we frequent in summer as we love the Farnsworth Museum.

There have also been some previously unknown connections revealed as a result of this passage to India. Scott’s high school friend Jerry Mickelson saw the email cc list and wrote back ‘hey is that the same John Strauss from Highland Park?!?’…it is. Scott’s friend in the furniture biz, Andy Thornton, revealed a connection to the AIS school in India that Scott attended in 1968.

The wider one casts a net, the more circles overlap. This is the mystery and magic of life that is available to all of us if we are open to it. Don’t mistake what you do for a living with who you are as a person. Take time out to be authentic and relate to others as human beings. See what happens when you do.


Painting by Scott done in the wee hours November 18 th… We are departing for Goa on a 5PM flight. Scott feeling no pain, eating a lot more than has in previous four weks!


5 thoughts on “it’s a small small world

    • marietta,

      i’m glad you are enjoying the blog! my mailbox was filled with more than 100 “likes” from you this morning! you must have been on the blog all day. 🙂  thank you for your support and kind words, namaste

      katy & scott


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