The photograph shown here is by John Benetti aka JB. He accompanied us to Panjim yesterday to the Santa Monica Convent Museum of Christian Art where these arches were buttressing up the old Portuguese architecture. Scott’s ‘Arches’ watercolor paper blocks serve to buttress him up, too.

4 thoughts on “arches

  1. My favorite paper in the whole wide world. Scott is painting tonight during the eclipse, says JB. Every moment painting is another conversation with the divine. I surround you three with thoughts of strength and truth, fierce love and serene light.


    • Maggie,

      Thanks! Had no idea was eclipse….we watched an incredible orange full moon last night in awe. Scott uses Arches often but his favorite paper is from Hiromi Paper at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica…we stocked up in LA when we were there but you can order from their website. Japanese paper. Love Katy

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