high school confidential

Scott, I will never forget the card games we used to play back in Highland Park with Mark Zivin, Jim Jacobsen, Ron Furth and Ricky Rubenstein. I remember how great it was to be together, usually at Mark’s house, because we had fun without many cares nor responsibilities. None of us were part of the ‘cool’ clique, those that thought they were too good to include us in their activities, but it did not matter since we had each other. Being snubbed at the age of 14 or 15 taught me, and probably you, about people and what’s important in life, a lesson I am glad that we both learned early on.

Losing $25 or $30 after 4 or 5 hours was a big deal to us back then. I think you were a good bluffer and recall the big ass smile on your face when you won a big pot. Those games meant a lot to me so thank you for being my card playing buddy. I will never ever forget it. Boy, those were the days!

Jerry Mickelson

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