running towards the fireworks


Fireworks. Right outside our window. Scott was asleep, after a few rounds of ping pong. I was at dinner with JB. Ka-boom. Ka-boom.ka-boom. This is our hotel’s signature greeting to new guests. Scared the sh*t out of Scott. He got dressed and came down to sit with us. All was well for awhile. . .worst night so far followed. Aneel and JB were called on and came to help, to sit with my Lovey, each holding a hand giving him energy as I fed him chilled water through a straw and held a cold compress to his head. Agonizing pain broke through the veil of the fentynol patch. He has no padding left on his hips, legs, or butt….only the Buddah belly that keeps on growing and feels ready to burst. Lying down did not work. Today ‘s mission: upping the patch to 75mg for better pain management, hopefully talking to doctor about draining or not draining fluid from belly, and setting up an alternate way to sleep in a chair if possible. Luca arrives from Italy today. This is what kept Scott here with us last night. That and an Ambian and a Dilaudid and some soothing music on iTunes.

Later I heard and saw more fireworks from our bed at 3:30AM, apparently the neighboring guest houses do this, too. By the way, there is a beautiful Alsatian Rottweiler mix dog who lives with the Sur La Mer family. His name is Marlon Brando. He ran TOWARDS the fireworks when they started. Do you hear that, Hershey Dawg ?

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