you talkin’ to me? please do!

Wow! We can’t thank our friends and family enough for continuing to lift Scott’s morale with a steady stream of email, hi’s and hellos, thinking of you’s, blog comments, photos, funny stories, and phone calls. Please don’t stop! Many of you have been faithful regulars checking in daily and often. We don’t know how you find the time in your busy lives to do that but we are so grateful for the attention you are showering on Scott now while he is alive and able to enjoy interacting with you.

Scott loves to hear from you. Some days he doesn’t have anything in his mailbox and that can make it a long lonely day, especially if he spent the day in bed like yesterday. It doesn’t have to be long. It can be as simple as a current pic taken on your mobile phone showing him your smiling faces or a quick note about some interesting art show you saw and your thoughts about it. News that makes you happy will make him happy, too.

Meaningful conversations also are welcomed. Please keep in mind that unburdening your own grieving process or sorrow on a terminally ill loved one is not recommended. If you’re not sure you can always run it by Katy first. Click on this link to read more about how to support terminally ill loved ones. If you’re talkin’ to Scott, and we hope you continue to do so, try to keep it happy and positive because persons with cancer are coping with their own grief as well as heavy medications that often produce anxiety that makes sleeping a problem. It’s okay to ask him how he is doing. Instead of how much you will miss him when he’s gone or what a great friend he was…..better to tell him what a great friend he is. And what wonderful friends you all are!

Thank you and all our love,

Katy & Scott


3 thoughts on “you talkin’ to me? please do!

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