enema of the state

There is only one oncologist in all of Goa. Sanjiv and I met with him Tuesday and reviewed Scott’s situation. The doctor told us Scott has a partial obstruction and that morphine is complicating the blockage. He had not pooped since December 27th. The doctor made it clear we needed to get him an enema pronto.

Scott came back victorious from the Laxative Wars yesterday morning. . After trying everything from Miralax to dupholac to Phillips and Sennakot Extra to triphala and beet root soup as well as Pecleg colonoscopy prep, we hired a nurse to come to our om away from om to give him one. The first sari draped nurse arrived around 5pm on Tuesday.

A lot of discussion ensued in Hindi between the nurse and the hotel staff but basically she took one look at our hero and stomped off. About four hours later a male nurse named George arrived with his hospital manager. Long story short, George tried to insert the tube without any lube. Ouch! Not real funny when any scratch or tear could kill Scott faster than his cancer. We sent George packing but not before paying him for his trouble and rescheduling an appoinment for the following morning. So, yesterday the hospital manager returned but George was replaced by a very professional nurse named Sonia. She did a sterile prep in our hotel bathroom and enlisted me to hold the enema can high overhead. Sonia’s gentle touch saved the day. Scott is loosey goosey.

And Goa’s solo oncology surgeon is making a house call to meet Scott today at the hotel.


poop liberation day. art. (c) scott morgan

5 thoughts on “enema of the state

  1. Wow thats a story to remember !!! So glad for this. Was “bound up” after rotator cuff surgery for a couple days and it was hell. Katy you should get an award for your stories….they are truly wonderful.


  2. nothng like a good dump to put the spring back in a boy’s step!
    stay loose.

    xoxo neesa

    p.s. re: dan’s comments regarding your story – it’s a movie
    script katy. really.


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