the bed-in


This is the penthouse at Sur La Mer with the magnificent bed where Scott and Katy held their bed-in ceremony on January 12th.


That’s me in something blue ( a tuquoise n silver kirta tunic), something new ( flower hair clip from friend Ritu shown here with herpartner Sanjiv), and something borrowed ( the white capris loaned to me by dear Nayan Verman, Aneel’s wife). The something old is me šŸ™‚ We are on the terrace outside the penthouse waiting for Scott to recover from his heroic climb.


View from the bed-in looking out towards terrace and sunset. We realized after watching the video that we should have paid more attention to clearing up the space, adding colorful sari fabrics so our backgrounds in the photographs and film would not display clutter of pillows, towels etc……happily, Scott and I were oblivious to all that as we were in our own little bubble that day.

2 thoughts on “the bed-in

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  2. What a beautiful space…and the view must have been breathtaking!!
    Katy-the Kirta in blue is beautiful on you…and you had nothing “old”~


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