every picture tells a story












These memorable photos of our John & Yoko style celebration of L O V E were taken by John ” JB” Benetti. We look forward to seeing more pictures from our event soon. The first of many goodbyes , JB left us a few hours after the ceremony at 3:30 AM to take a flight to Udaipur where he’ll be photo-documenting his travels throughout Rajistan the next several weeks. Today the local videographer dropped off the dvd’s and we hope to have the entire ceremony uploaded to youtube as soon as we can. Thanks for your interest and patience!

This photo of Arjun Verman our lovely balladeer and friend was taken by Scott from the bed with his iPad. 🙂

5 thoughts on “every picture tells a story

  1. what. a. climb,to be. in a place. that made so many so happy,me first,was one hour of. sweat and pain up the stairs my belly and head on fire
    then all love and smiles ,loved this day thanks everyone.


  2. great photos. from ceremony. hope we see more
    was. quite the exits from goa,jb off to become ansel adams ,poof, here two months. then whooosh out to the next photo shoot.then joel wonderful 5 day stay all love and freindship ooozing from every pore,and then my special angel of india sanjiv ,took a bit of. my. heart with him good health to him forever.


  3. Such wonderful, wonderful photos…the eye behind the lens captured such beauty and such love between two people and their most perfect day and lasting memories…Blessings~


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