red. n. blue

Blue. (c) Scott Morgan 2013

new art. in. red. n. blue
from. somewhere. deep. in. my heart. n mind

really. thanking all for. tonz. b. day. wishes
……. meant. so. much. to. me. very. warm n. wondrful….messages. e. mail. etc.
will. do. best. to stay in one pc. for. katys 55 th. b. day. one. mo.away

march 18 th.
big dr. said. stay happy. doing. great
. stomach. flat. no. liq. no heavy pain. just. little. sleep. n. doing. many. in bed. excersizes
keep. from. sores. stiffness,wish. could. paint. at. desk or on flat. surface…..
still. trying. to. be.
out. of. hospitals. of. any. kind…….
so. far. beating. the. timelines. passing. four mo. since
oct13. when rcvd. the. usa guesstimate
and. glad. we. are. here. in. india

sanjiv. left. today. w. family…spent. the whole. time. visiting. ea. day. from. delhi hydrabad
hard. to. say. goodbye,he. has. been. my. angel and best. freind could. everhave. since. my. trip. to. india. so. many. years. ago. when he. was. my. furniture. agent. guide. and. old. buddy
thanks. go. to. him. from. a place so. deep. in. my heart. hard. to. explain. what. his 2 x. day. tel. calls. appts. w. every. and. whatever. i needed in india. for. so. long…….
move. to. new. hotel. great….every. way
trying. to. figure. out. how. to get. up. and out. of bed. …
tuff. bones sticking. out. . keeping. me. from. using. wheel. chair. etc..maybe. four. guys. n a. sedan. chair. next…….f
……. love. n. hugz
doing. my. best

katy. is. beyond. a. dream and. her. love. and. devotion. to. my. care.
and uncomfortness
cant. love. anyone. so. much
scotty. bones
just. finished. these. two. watercolrs. last. few. hourz

Reds (c) Scott Morgan 2013

3 thoughts on “red. n. blue

  1. Dear Scott,

    I am in Jamaica but still reading your emails and loving your art. You are defying the odds (are we surprised?). I wish you a happy belated birthday. I have a feeling you are celebrating each and every day. Best to Katy.


    Sent from my iPhone


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