in the still of the night

According to Viktor Frankl,the author of Man’s Search for Meaning when a person is faced with extreme mortal dangers, the most basic of all human wishes is to find a meaning of life to combat the “trauma of nonbeing”.

Artists throughout the ages have solved that I was here and it mattered! yearning by creating lasting works of art, literature, music, and poetry.

Detail from a new painting ( c) Scott Morgan 2013

The question was recently asked of Scott how does it feel to know you are dying?. And, don’t you feel like ending it…what do you have left to live for? The age-old fascination with these omnipresent existential questions becomes all-too-real for terminally ill loved ones. However, these questions are brilliantly answered on a daily basis with vibrant urgency by Scott Morgan through his legacy of paintings, storytelling, music, a life well lived and a love worth sharing. Wrestling throughout the night with Kierkegaardian anxiety as well as sharp hits of intestinal pain, Scott painted this latest Medieval fantasy while supplementing his fentynol patch with a dilaudid chaser.

(c)Scott Morgan 2013

8 thoughts on “in the still of the night

  1. Such amazing and complex paintings. Compelling. I note a lot of sharp instruments (sharp pains?), a shield to protect the bearer from those sharp arrows(?), a serpent (intestines?)… What a rich, riotous painting. What a privilege to be sharing this – even at such a great physical distance.


  2. Dear Katy.

    Victor Frankel has been an inspiration and moral compass to me since I first read his book. I am not surprised you know his work. Keep doing what you’re doing so well. This is another passage.


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    • Dear Nancy,

      Yes! and I was a big fan of Sartres at one time, too. What I find inspiring about Frankl is how he was able to survive Auschwitz….and help his fellow inmates to do the same….by keeping the faceofhis beloved in his mind. This is visualization– and love– used as a powerful tool, is it not?

      Thank you for taking the time to give me encouragment and feedback.


  3. These paintings are really incredible. Scott’s talents have blossomed with every passing day. Thanks for sharing

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  4. Really love the perspective in the architecture. I too thought of the snake as intestines. The arrows in the air balancing rather than threatening or aiming at any one, creating a graph, map markers? We want to see into the structure, down the halls. Floating reptiles. There is a lot to explore here.


  5. You drew me in with Frankl. I use his book in an upper-level developmental psych seminar I teach about the search for meaning and purpose across the lifespan. As you say, these questions tend to become more salient the nearer the end of life one becomes, but wouldn’t it be great if we all could grapple with them in our very young years?


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