flower power


It’s noon in Goa on Monday. We’re sitting at the Azur Cafe where Scott has his portable studio set up and has been working on a new piece.

One of my favorite things about India is the exotic abundance of floral arrangements on display and how flowers are used to transform daily mundane events into ritual. A basket of sumptuous magenta fragrant rose petals was emptied gently over us as we entered the palace grounds at Devi Gargh. Garlands of marigolds were offered to us at another hotel and we also incorporated them into our commitment ceremony. Of course, Scott has been inspired by the power of the lotus flower and his paintings have grown more detail, symbolism, and color under the lush influence of India.

Here are some photos of the Marriott lobby’s flowers today. Please enJOY!




And a few shots from other venues….




This last pic of Katy & Scott taken in November.




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