the real ironman

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I wish we had Tony Stark’s M-42 Ironman power-suit today to make it easier for Scott to go to the theatre to see the movie. But Scott–the real Ironman– managed somehow without it. He has wanted to get out to see this flick for weeks. Today we made it.It’s so good to get outside the hotel! Can’t make the arduous climb up to our usual row 9 middle seats? Row 3 will do nicely. I can do this written all over his face.

About forty minutes into the film it was clear that Scott was not comfortable, possibly nauseous, but he did not want to leave at the intermission nor did he utter one complaining word. The second half of the film he was leaning far over onto a pillow we had brought and probably asleep. I’m sure the a/c and the superloud sound system were overwhelming his senses. When the show was over I went to fetch help from the concession stand as it was clear we would not be able to make it down without some extra muscle to help. Two brawny male employees were happy to assist us.

Our hotel car driver was right on time and helped get the wheelchair into the boot as I helped Scott get into the backseat with the downy pillows. Within a minute Scott’s head was slumped onto my shoulder and I had his hand in mine. He was so still and so cold despite the near 100F temperature in Goa today. We got back to the Marriott and eventually into his bed. It was the first time in 10 days that the room had been cleaned and the linens changed. We were even able to get the medical sheepskin washed while we were out. Our Ironman is curled up under his soft Textillery blanket fast asleep. The world is safe for one more day.

9 thoughts on “the real ironman

  1. At a loss for words ,reading your description of Scotty’s tenacious spirit and determination to live as completely as possible to his final breath. Yes, he is the Ironman, and you my dear sister, are right there with him in strength…………love you guys.
    hugs and peace, R


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