monsoon-er or later


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See that red dot near the “ji” in “Panaji” and the star? That is where we are at Miramar Beach at the Marriott. We are at the confluence of the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea. The name Panaji means “land that never floods” and I hope that is true because tonight we’ve got pretty big waves rolling in and crashing against the breakwater walls in front of our hotel. Today is the official start of tropical monsoon season. The fishing boats stop going out for 3 months because the weather is too rough.

Scott doesn’t go out anymore, either. What’s that like? He is confined to the four walls of his room and the bed within the four walls. His energy ebbs and flows like the tides outside our windows. When it’s high tide Scott is usually painting. Since he cannot sit up, even in bed, he bends his legs as an “easel” to hold his Arches watercolor paper block and then draws and paints on it. His head is propped up on pillows but his torso is pretty much flat to the bed. Which makes his paintings all the more remarkable.

Today I got out for a couple of hours. Getting some things for Scott and picking up my new eyewear (I finally filled the prescription from the comprehensive checkup that I had a month ago). Bought a big flip-book portfolio to showcase Scott’s printed giclees in and some new flip-flops for myself to wear.


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