happy week of father’s day

It’s Sunday night here and we survived an all-weekend monsoon storm as well as the BJP Caucus (resembles a mini Republican or Democratic National Convention, but with swarms of heavily armed guards everywhere in the hotel and on the grounds). There were more media trucks and reporters than were here last week and that caused a ruckus in the lobby. Traffic in Panaji was snarled for blocks with the Marriott at the center of the congestion. No cars were allowed to park within a kilometer of the hotel and so our appointments with doctors and nurses and friends had to be rescheduled as they found it too daunting to brave the rainstorm and the political storm that converged here. But where there is a will there is always a way. Anything is possible. Sanjiv and his two sons Uday and Surya got through the brouhaha and surprised us Saturday with their smiling faces! They drove 11 hours from Hyderabad just because going to goa is so much fun…and Scott and Sanjiv are soul-brothers. We had no idea they were coming but Sanjiv found the only parking space available at the hotel. They came back again on Sunday. It’s father’s day week and we are thinking of Scott’s dad in California. Wishing all of the dads out there a Happy Week of Father’s Day!

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