puppy love


Meet Bandit. He’s an Indian mongrel dog rescued by our friends Cory & Sarah shown here with their puppy and Scott. This was the best therapy for Scott today and it was puppy love from the minute we both laid eyes on this charmer. We miss our own two kidz but we know they are being well taken care of at Creature Camp in Brooklin, Maine.


Nothing like a soft little fur baby to brighten ones day. Bandit was soft, sweet, and well behaved throughout his visit to the Marriott. He is only 6-8 weeks old and obviously a very good dog already.


Cory is our friend that has helped Scott create an instant website for Scott Morgan Fine Art via his internet startup company powerstores.com which allows users to create an e-commerce site that can receive orders online within a few hours.


Scott’s sister Lindy and day nurse Gang-a look on as we enjoy Bandit’s healing energy. Scott’s art adorns his room on every available surface.


Emotional and happy to have some puppy time, Scott is currently resting and conserving his energy. We are grateful to all the many followers of this blog for bringing us beyond 1500 followers as of this weekend. And, to all of our friends and family for continuing to support our journey, writing in with genuine concern when we don’t post daily. With Luca visiting last week and Lindy visiting now we’ve been busy. Scott’s had some new challenges, also. But as you can see from this photo taken today around 5PM, Scott is managing to Smile 2 the End.


10 thoughts on “puppy love

  1. Katy, Scott,

    Your recent post made me smile. Scott your wonderful smile when you looked at that adorable puppy had your love for animals shine thru. The two of you so inspire us to be all we can be for right now! As we surely know “right now” is all we truly can be certain of. Keep on a drawin, your art is amazing. With all our love,

    Marco & Susan

    Mark Berman maberman@me.com


  2. Adorable little bundle of fluffy fur absolutely gorgeous. Lovely to see that big smile from Scott again, lots of hugs to you both 🙂


  3. So happy to get this. We are in Cisternino in Puglia. Sending love from the land of olive oil…..xxoo olive trees everywhere

    Dan Rizzie Sent from my iPad Please excuse typos


    • dan, scott says “that’s so true. . . tell him there’s a textile store in perugia. one of the best in the world. he knows me and my collection. he’s afghani or turkish. AMAZING store AMAZING objects. have a great honeymoon!”


  4. Scott’s reply to my post MADE my horrible day, smile.
    Now, I put some poscottivity into the mix , and the day literally brighten..Thank you,thank you, ty… much love coming your way from Connecticut.


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