italian night


As you can see, Scott’s room is set up as a showcase for his art work. Both giclee prints and originals are on display. Here I am with the Marriott’s manager Alex on the left and their pastry chef Samantha on the right. The occasion? Scott had a little Italian deli food brought in to celebrate his friend Luca‘s 2nd visit to see him in Goa. We invited some of our Marriott family, and a few close friends, as well as the cute young couple from NC with the Sterling Credentials. The lighting was a bit dark and we forgot to take photos but Luca managed these two. He’s standing in the background in the pic below. And Scott’s somewhere in those colorful blankets in the bed.


Luca is leaving 3 hours from now. We’ll stay up to see him off even though it’s 2AM for us. Was so great having him here for Scott and for support. Scott was feeling less than perfect during his soiree but regaled his guests with stories about Luca and his travels. The night was memorable.

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