persistance of time


persistence of time (c) salvador dali

Today marks the 66th anniversary of India’s Independence Day. Yesterday we brought Scott back from hospital where he was greeted with yet another beautiful cake made by Chef Samantha. It was presented to him by a boy with a nametag that said Dali. I pointed this out to Scott and he let out a little gasp of delight and he tried a bite of cake. Scott has told me often that the reason for his interest in art and painting is due to a painting he saw at an impressionable age by Salvador Dali at a museum. The synchronicity of the moment was not lost on us since there have been many surreal moments during this fantastic voyage.

It was ten months ago this week that we received Scott’s dire prognosis. Half a year beyond that now. This day marks India’s freedom. I participated in the hotel’s flag ceremony this morning. Unfortunately the iPad glitched at the crucial Jaya Hey song and flag hoisting, but I did get a few clips of the proud staff marching and saluting the hotel manager Ms Alex in her splendorous sari.



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