butterflies are free


Yesterday I was indoors in the glass windowed lobby two stories above the garden. I answered my phone and it was our friend Joel who was such an important witness to our commitment ceremony and accompanied us to the hospital for Scott’s procedure back in January. No sooner than we began our conversation then this rather large butterfly showed up on the inside of the window nearest me. It waved its wings 3 times and then was still, as if listening to us talk about Scott for the next 45 minutes.

Just as I was bidding Joel goodbye, another friend–Cory York–spied me in the lobby and came over to offer condolences. I turned my head to him briefly and when I looked back at the window the butterfly had vanished.

Later that evening I sat to watch the sunset and became very distracted. I left my Indian cell phone with all my local and important medical contacts on the patio chair and when I realized it and went back for it no trace of my phone could be found. Since I’m leaving Goa in the morning that seems like it was an omen…you don’t need this anymore.

7 thoughts on “butterflies are free

  1. this happened to me in Goa itself. in a shack . i got distracted for a few seconds and my cell vanished. somebody from the shack intervened and i got it back.take it up with the management etc. you may get it back. mostly people there are good. but there could one or two desperate elements. they give bad name to the place.


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