i am a rock

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Each summer in Maine I would paint a rock for him. For us. This Tuesday would mark the 9th summer of our meeting. In feng shui practice 9 signifies infinite luck and goodness. That is why the Chinese grocery store chain in America chose “99 Ranch Market” for its name. If one 9 is good luck then double 9’s is even better, right?  I painted both sides of the rocks. Only one heart stone remains unpainted.

photo 1

This summer’s rock is yet to be found. However, in order to celebrate the significance that June 24th holds for me, I will be spending the night at the Balance Rock Inn over in Bar Harbor. It was a favorite place of ours. Maybe I will find a rock on the beach there. What will I write on that rock? Maybe “goodbye”. Perhaps “forever”. Quite possibly “free” with a butterfly on the other side.  Scott called me his rock. Maybe I am the rock this year. If I am, this summer surely must be painted onto an open heart instead of a stone heart if I am to go forward Liam Neeson-style. I’m hoping that some of the Balance Rock will rub off on me this week.

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15 thoughts on “i am a rock

  1. Thank you for continuing to share, giving me so much to think about and appreciate. You are so strong, though I know it must feel like it comes and goes. Someone gave me a heart rock she found on my beach just last week. She told me to find a tree to give it to. Maybe I will paint it first!


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog. To answer your musings regarding strength…one can be like a rock feeling the waves of emotion slapping up against you, washing over you, tumbling you clean and softening your edges and maybe even polishing your beauty. Sooner or later the water is calm and you find you are still there. The turbulent waters may have moved you to another place or turned you in another direction. Yet you are still there, in all your rock-like beingness. This is what I am reflecting on today. Thank you for helping me to see it more precisely. Namaste.


  2. You are a rock! So strong! I hope you find the perfect rock…..or….the perfect rock finds you. 🙂
    Love you Katy Jack! You clearly help me to be strong also….. :*


  3. You are a rock and you bring great joy to many people. I am sure you will find just the right rock for this special time in your life. you are such an inspiration to so many.



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