fresh paint

Fresh from the Art By Katy studio this week:

resting place ©katy allgeyer 2015

COVE  ©Katy Allgeyer 2015


BEACH ROSES ©Katy Allgeyer 2015


RESTING PLACE ©Katy Allgeyer 2015 

SUNDOWN AT SAND BEACH ©Katy Allgeyer 2015

SUNDOWN AT SAND BEACH ©Katy Allgeyer 2015


One thought on “fresh paint

  1. These are wonderful…so serene…peaceful. It is a cold dismal day here in Bryan…or rather Carlos. It is so very calm, quiet, a new type of beauty as far as geography for me. My man…Chris lived in the cow pasture for two years alone…with 4 visits a year from me…decided to join him in January when my lease was up in San Marcos. You inspired me to go without running water and only a small solar panel in order to go forward to geather. Thanks honey! Your words soothe your soul but are also moving others to take the loves they have more seriously. Devotion and passion is there in your words and your paintings. All the love! Marcie

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