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Visiting Scott’s sister this week. Loolie –shown here after enjoying the pool–visited once before with Scott but this is my first time in Cleveland. Yesterday we went to MOCA and also the Cleveland Art Museum. Later I sat by the pool and meditated a bit on how my first instinct was to come home and tell Scott what my favorite art at the museum was. It took a moment to realize the impossibility of that. I opened my eyes and looked up. Glad I did because I saw a golden yellow butterfly spiraling high overhead near a tree branch. I smiled. A tear escaped. Then I went inside to get ready for dinner with Scott’s mom.

2 thoughts on “cleveland

  1. Katy, Loolie is just too cute for words 🙂

    I thought of you and Scott on our recent trip to Colonia Guell in Barcelona, the stained glass windows in the Gaudi’s Crypt when partially opened looked like beautiful butterflies 🙂


  2. Vicki,
    Thank you for commenting as you so often do. Four years before I met Scott he held a very special week-long 50th birthday party for himself in Barcelona. Many of his friends and family attended and Scott arranged many tours for them of the art and architecture there. It’s wonderful that you thought of him and the butterflies while you were there. 🙂 Katy


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