the veil between

It’s more than two years since Scott slipped his mortal coil. That was one of his favorite songs by a 1970’s obscure rock band named Spirit. There were several vinyl records of this band and others (400 records to be exact) that had been lugged around for decades and never once played in the last ten years. I found a young man in North Carolina who wanted to buy them from me so I let them go. What I didn’t expect was for this kid to ask me about the man who owned these records: what was he like? What was his favorite group? Who was Scott?  In that moment I realized that Scott might turn up when the new guy put his records on his turn table. I warned him this might happen and the young man said “It’s happened to me before.” 

Now that Scott is a Spirit himself he’s free to roam the galaxies of the multiverse. Even so, Scott still has time for me and he recently checked in. I don’t know if he appeared to the new owner of his records yet.

I know it sounds woo-woo but it’s also true-true. I can think of worse things to be called than crazy. I now believe firmly that spirit energy lives on in another dimension that touches our world from time to time. Some people refer to that sweet spot as the veil between the worlds. I imagine it looks like this actual picture of the aurora borealis in Finland.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.12.26 AM.png

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