a ribbiting tale

a. story
of a frog stuck in lazy boy chair on dbl dose morphine x mas morning
& cant get up .
dec 25 goa india
ribbit. to all
from my lazy boy chair
captured for sure
no place to go,my lily pad is just out of reach
its x mas morning in goa
as you all knowa
my last night dbl shot of morphine
put me out,i lost my bout
to exit this chair
stuck like a pig on a stick
with no quick fix,waiting for help to exit this chair
ive got little care,and no strength to bare
need help to escape this halluciginic state
that the double shot of morphine
last night was put on my plate
oh. to just reach down and yank the stick for
release so i can rise up x mas morning. and just take a pee
morphine is heavy on top of my patch
breathing is tuff when your stuck on your back
i lay here waiting. for katy to rise
no santa in sight to release my pride
b cause morphine is heavy and lazy boy too
stuck in my chair,thinking of all you
on x mas morning get up n have cheer
im stuck in my goofy
Lazy boy chair

seems funny seems odd seems not really true
wish that was the case,on morphine your very blue.

hope. katy gets up soon…….
merry x mas
happy holidays
from a frog on his back


stuck in my lazy boy chair……now thats not fair……scott morgan

13 thoughts on “a ribbiting tale

  1. Reply to Frog

    You are a frog?! Not a prince?!
    At first your poem did make me wince
    To think that I’m not here for you
    Any time you need to poo
    Or fluff a pillow, get a drink
    Where’s my iPad, think Katy, think!
    I’m always at frog’s beck n call
    To make sure you never fall
    To see your comfort that is all
    To make you happy,have a ball
    I kissed you lots you know I did
    Whilst doing every single bid
    I loved you then, I’ve loved you since
    To my surprise a frog! No prince.
    What is this? My mistake
    My royal prince is but a fake
    A lowly toad with purple spots
    I kissed this toad, I kissed him lots!
    I kissed this frog, took him to bed
    Hoping for a prince instead
    Oh woe is me, can this be true
    A fricking frog! I fell for you!
    I had no drugs, no patch no ‘phine
    All i had was a simple dream
    To truly love this man always
    Until the end of both our days
    I love you froggie, this I do
    Get up from your pad and take a poo!


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  3. This from Iana:
    Good Christmas morning froggie and princess. I am setting a place for you at our blueberry pancake brunch. Without my ovaries I’ve become an erratic crying bitch, what’s the hitch? my poor prince wishes he were a frog who could hop away into the fog, swim away into the bog, did I sign up for this?
    yep I believe I did
    now can’t find the lid
    maybe that is what I see wrapped beneath the christmas tree.
    Oodles of thanks to you both for letting us into the window of of your dance into the great unknown. We are with you more than you can know.
    Lots of love and a graceful bow to your humor and courage in the growling face of life,
    Iana your island dwelling devotee.


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